Simple Texting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the free trial last?

A free trial lasts for 14 days & NO CREDIT CARD IS NEEDED.

Q: How many text messages can I send during the free trial?

A: During the free trial, you will have 50 credits to use for sending messages.

Q: Do I receive a free local number immediately upon signing up for the trial?

A: Yes, you will receive a temporary local number within 15 to 20 minutes after signing up and providing the correct business registration information. Once you upgrade your account, this number will be replaced.

Q: Can international customers test the 14-day free trial?

A: Yes, international customers can test the free trial, but they must provide a valid US mobile number upon signing up.

Simple Texting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is required to sign up for a Simple Texting account?

A: You need to provide an email address and a valid US mobile number. An EIN is not required initially but will be necessary for local numbers once the account is upgraded.

Q: Can a customer do the free trial without an EIN initially?

A: Yes, the EIN is required only for local numbers once you’ve upgraded your account.

Features and Functionality

Q: Can customers upload their personal list during the free trial?

A: Yes, customers can import their list during the free trial, but it is limited to 50 contacts

Q: How can I shorten links using Simple Texting?

A: You can use Simple Texting’s link shortening feature. Here’s a video tutorial on how to shorten links and track them.

Q: Is there a way to automate follow-up messages?

A: Yes, you can use the autoresponder feature to set up drip campaigns. Here’s a guide on setting up autoresponders.

Features and Functionality

Q: How can I get further assistance with my account?

A: You can reach out to support by pinging us in the chat, calling us at 866-269-1887, or by visiting our support page.

Usage and Compliance

Q: Why do my contacts need to use a code word like JOIN?

A: Autoresponder messages are triggered when a new contact is added to your list. Contacts can be added  manually or by using a keyword like JOIN.

Q: Is using a keyword for autoresponder messages necessary?

A: Using a keyword is optional and based on personal choice. It’s one of the ways to add contacts to your list and trigger autoresponder messages.