Q1. Where can I find my REF LINK?

A. Your Ref Link can be seen at the bottom of your Member Area Dashboard.

Affiliate URLs
Your affiliate ID is: ID NUMBER
Your referral URL is:
https://videomagppts.com/membership-plans/?REF=ID NUMBER

Q2. How fast will I receive my Personalized Kits if I am the first member from the Network Marketing<br /> Or Affiliate Company I am building?

A. Once you have placed an order with us. Your video magazine will be generated within 4 Days of Your Order.

Your Marketing Campaign will start within 7 Days of Your Order.

Your video magazine will be available on the following link :
https://videomagppts.com/magazines/vmma/(YOUR FIRST NAME).(FIRST LETTER OF YOUR LAST NAME)

For Example For John Downy it will be – https://videomagppts.com/magazines/vmma/john.d

Q3. How fast will I receive my VMMA Link to invite Others?

A. As soon as you get the order completed, you can then simply log-in in your Member Dashboard Area. (The login details will be sent to your email, after your order completion. So do check your inbox for it after completing your order.)

While we are working on your Custom VMMA magazine, you can still get started by – simply Copying your Custom REF Link from Your Member Dashboard Area and Start inviting people/team under your affiliation. 

Q4 When am I paid Fast Start Rewards?

A. All orders from new members whom you refer will be calculated and processed by 11:59 p.m. CST every Tuesday. Your commissions will be sent to you VIA ACH on Friday the next week.

Q5. What day of the month will I earn recurring commissions and royalties?

A. All commissions from recurring orders and royalties will be processed from the first of the month to the end of each month. Commissions and royalties will be paid on the 10th of each month VIA ACH.

Q6. At What Point Will I Receive a 1099 Tax Document From VMMA?

A. Once you have earned over $599.99 for the Year. It Will Come from (Vision Media Consulting).

Q7. If I Join VMMA, Can I Earn Even If I Don't Pick up the Phone to Close Others?

A. Yes You Can Because The “No Personal Selling Required System”
Comes With Prospects Who Have Said YES to Reviewing a Home Business.

Q8. Will the System Help Me Get More Partners in My Networking Business Without Meeting Them Face to Face, How?

A. Absolutely. Simply Share a Text Message with the Prospect. When They Respond Yes, You Send Them Your Link to the System.

Q9. If This Is Not Networking, How Do I Earn Without Making Phone Calls to Sell the System?

A. Part 1 – This Is An Affiliate Marketing Platform.
It is also considered “Networking”, Just Not “Network Marketing”.
Network Marketing Compensation Plans Pay (Pay On Levels) We Do Not.

A. Part 2 – Always Remember The “No Personal Selling Required System”
Comes With Pre-qualified Prospects Who Say “YES” to Reviewing a Home Business. Follow-up Teams Sift, Sort, and Answer Questions, to Help Close Any Type of Prospect, on Your Behalf. That Is of Course, Those Who Follow the Protocol of Doing Their Due diligence.

Complete Details Are In the VMMA Video Magazine.

Q10. What If My Prospects Have Questions About My Business Opportunity?

A. When Your Prospects Have Questions About Your Opportunity, You Will Get the Questions In Writing. You Will Send Them to Your Upline or Someone Who Knows the Answer. We Need to Receive the Answers In Writing.

Once We Receive Them We Load the Questions & Answers On the VMMA/(Your Company FAQ Page Through Our System).


Q1. Is There Detailed Information About the Compensation Plan?

A. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW – Review the VMMA Rewards & Royalties Comp Plan Pdf.